15 June 2010 @ 11:11 pm
My sister said this never popped up on her f-list and she wanted to read it so I'm reposting it. :D


This is my 'year' in tv sum up.

Best New Show
It really was a weak season for new tv. Flashforward's best ep was the pilot and I had trouble getting into V (but I'm giving it another try... someday) and... was there anything else? If so I can't recall.

Still, my favorite new show this year was a surprise to me. It's Vampire Diaries!! While the show started off 'Meh', I was soon sucked into the vampire mythlogy and the relationships between the main three characters. And yes, I love Damon, ship him and Elena and am I've very interested to see what happens with him/those two.

Best Continuing Show
Fringe... it would also would win best show that aired this year overall. And yes, that is right, I thought it was better then the last season of Lost (overall) though Lost is a very very close second. It just wasn't Lost's best season (that would be season 3). Anyway, back to Fringe. I regret not watching it all year long and putting SPN and whatnot before it. I will fix that mistake next year for sure!!

The plot and mythology were very strong, but than I love alt realities and that was what this season was basically about. Also, I LOVE Walter and Peter. Their relationship completely makes the show for me. And even Olivia grew on me! A season. Also, due to how amazing this season was, Alias now ranks as my least favorite JJ project... who would have thought?

Most Improved Show
Season One of Legend of the Seeker was okay. I liked it. Season 2? It went into love status, though not extreme obsessive love... just a show I really, really, really enjoy watching. :D

Biggest Disappointment(s)
I had a lot of them this year. American Idol? Sucked. Chuck? It wasn't bad per say, but I just wasn't feeling it to the point that I've yet to finish the season!! THIS, what was once my 'never miss an ep' show!! I think it was just something lacking in the relationship between the main three characters that made it a less then squee worthy season of me. Lastly, after a fantastic season 4, this season's Supernatural just didn't hold up. I admit it. I prefer the heavier mythology based eps and having them throw in all those 'old school' eps sort of took me out of the story. Also... not enough Cas. Not enough Cas at all. On the up side, I really liked the last 7 eps or so!!

Favorite Thing I've Watched This Year
Beyond Fringe and to a lesser extend Vampire Diaries, the things I loved best this year were the things I watched that were either 1) something currently on that I was trying out for the first time (aka True Blood) or 2) things that were already off the air (the Stargate Shows).

Currently Most Excited For
True Blood. The third book is my favorite. I'm really hoping that I'm not let down!! Also, finishing Stargate Atantis! I should be done by weeks end!! I really love this show. After that I have a bunch of other shows on the 'to do' list. I'm looking forward to seeing the Star Trek movies. While TOS is fun and LOLzy, I'm looking forward to seeing a more serious take on these characters.

Biggest Cry
The Lost Final... I sobbed and sobbed. I cried on and off for nearly 8 hours. It was actually pathetic really, lol. Anyway, I felt that it was a fitting end to a long beloved show. I wasn't let down in the least and was truly moved.

Honorable cry mentions:
Fringe ep: Peter (what can I say... the extreme love of a parent who will do anything for a child? Moving.)
SG-1 ep: Unending (both sad and beautiful all at once. I'm getting chills thinking about it.)
SGA ep: Sunday (RIP Beckett. I knew it was going to happen, but was in complete denial at that same time, I wanted there to be a way for you to have lived.)
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04 April 2010 @ 05:15 pm
Land comms are a ton of fun!! You get to play games, write fic and make graphics!! Best of asll it's an awesome way to met people!! Here are the three I'm in!! I hope some of you join!!


All teams are great!! I'm the captian of Team Firefly! I'd love to see you guys join us!!


I'm new to this comm!! I don't know what team I'm on yet (hoping for Team Fangtasia!!), but I'm sure it will be a blast!!


Wasn't asked to pimp this, but I thought I'd do it anyway!! It's a great comm!!

And PLEASE Tell them I sent you!!!
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