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13 September 2009 @ 01:30 pm
Firefly: And Dancin' Ain't Just Dancin'  
Title: And Dancin' Ain't Just Dancin'
Series: The Drinkin' Series
Rating: PG
Words: 1525
Beta: ru_salki99
Disclaimer: Joss owns all
Summary: Sequel to A Drink Ain't Just A Drink; Jayne and River go to a trendy club and Jayne finds something he wish he hadn't. Written for lar_laughs for the whedonland fic-fest

This night, they were on one of those fancy core planets. They didn’t have to skirt them like they use to, but Jayne still didn’t like them none all the same. Here, everythin’ came at a price or more exactly one was robbed blind. Anywhere you went, coin fell out of your pocket and into the hands of some sleazy scoundrel or some fancy businessman and there weren’t nothin’ you could do about it, other then not leave the ship.

Not to mention the cost on their pride. His sort wasn’t welcome here, no matter how many travellers, like him hit the dirt. And since Miranda, it had been worse. He was a traveler, who’s face was now well known and these sorts didn’t care much for what him and the crew had done. Most didn’t want their notions played with, even if they were miss notions, and his crew had upset them notions in the worst of ways.

Yeah, it was best to be off the second the deal was done and to not look back, but that wasn’t always the way. This time, they were set to stay the night. Jayne settled on a night in, one where he could get a bottle and head down to his bunk to take care of his girls. A night of drinkin’ and cleanin’ his guns was always his idea a good time. Zoe and River, though, got their minds set on a night out, as did the Doc and Kaylee. What changed things up though, was that River also got her mind set on dragging him along.

“The Captain is sufficient guard for Serenity.. You will come along to guard us.”

“You and Zoe, don’t need no guardin’ and Kaylee and the Doc are set for a night of sexin’. Don’t think they’d want me to join in.”

“Certainly not,” Simon butted in, as he passed by.

Jayne sneered, but remained quiet.

“Not for what he paid for our room,” Kaylee added laughin’, “Should be romantic,” With the bow on her head, they left the ship.

River smiled and added patiently, “Normally correct, but on the core that is different.”

Jayne sighed, knowing there was some truth to that... ‘Bout her and Zoe, not her brother and Kaylee. “Alright. I’ll tag along. But I won’t like it.”

So that was how he ended up at the trendy dance club made for Core brats and people tryin’ to get laid. Here everythin’ was new and shiny, from the tables to the dress people wore. His appearance got many of eyebrow raise, but Jayne just scowled and set the snots on their way. There was no reason a man had to put his fancy clothes on for just a drink. Besides, much to his displeasure, he’d paid the cover to get in like the next person had.

Much to his surprise, Zoe was out on the dance floor. This music, wild and frantic, was to her liking, it seemed. He hadn’t seen her take part in somethin’ like this since her Wash days. It was only moments like that, he ever got them as a couple. Zoe for all her seriousness, had a side that just wanted to get lost in fun and pleasure.

River had gotten lost in the mass of people somewhere along the night’s way. He kept a look out, but it was only from time to time that he’d see her swishin’ on by. He paid that no mind, though. The girl was scarier then him, by half… Besides, he‘d be there if she needed him.

So he sat and drank overpriced beer. That is, until River popped up came up, all sweaty and smiling.

“Join me,” she demanded, her hands stretched out.

“No,” Jayne shook his head, thinkin’ the girl had lost her mind.

She slipped between him and the bar, forcing his attention on her, “Come, ask me to dance.”

“Ain’t you doin’ this, askin me to dance?”

River rolled her eyes and grabbed his hand. As she pulled him off his barstool, he quickly gulped down the rest of his beer and shoved the glass at someone passin’ by. He wasn’t wastin’ a drop given how much that cost.

River dragged him straight into the crowd, like there was some special spot on the dance floor she just had to find. When they reached it, they stood there a moment starin’ at one ‘nother. With the music poundin’ ‘bout him, he felt like a fool just standin’ there, but as River started to dance, Jayne gave it his best shot.

River smiled, “Follow the beat. Pretend it is like the dance of gunfire and sex.”

“Wha ya know bout sex, girl?”

Jayne didn’t have a clue what that really meant, but started movin’ to the aggressive beat. Aggressive …and, he found, God darn near sensual. River swirled around him, into it, far more then he could ever be. She was the whipping of hair, the touching of hands and eyes so wide, that even he had to smile. She was beautiful… and sexy. That is when River’s words came clear in his mind. Like the dance of gunfire and sexin’. As she rubbed against him in a wrong and pleasant fashion, Jayne’s heart pounded and he found his hands wantin’ to grab on and gettin’ closer some more.

That was when the song stopped. Jayne stumbled back a moment, lookin’ at the girl in shock.

“You are tired and thirsty,” she said simply, “Let’s go to the bar and correct that.”

She grabbed his hands and pulled him back through the crowd. When they reached the bar, Zoe was there. She was smilin’ and archin’ an eyebrow at River. River smiled back and placed an order. Jayne slid back into his seat and breathed deep, as he still hadn’t caught his breath.

“We’ll all have what they are having,” River told the bartender, pointing at a group of younglings a table over. The bartender mixed it up good and fast and had it in front of them within the blink of an eye. After they paid, he went on to the next group.

Still, Jayne sulked. He wasn’t wantin’ ones of those drinks. A Kaylee drink as he called it. As if reading his mind, River told him, “Do as the native does. This is the place one drinks these, not whiskey or beer.”

Jayne grimaced as he took a sip of the sweet stuff. They drank a while and on the next order Jayne got himself another beer. Once that had happened, he was far more happy. Zoe disappeared onto the dance floor again. She had taken a shine to one of the fellas. And River? River and him talked some, but Jayne’s mind kept wanderin’ back to what had happened on the dance floor and much of it what she said was lost on him. As her lips moved, he focused on pleasantly bad things, things that if he admitted to them, would get him shot on the ship.

It was only when he had made the mistake of brushing a lock of hair out of her eyes, that he snapped back into himself. Old cranky Jayne, who wasn’t bout to go sexin’ up the Doc’s sis.

Soon after, River was wantin’ to dance ‘gain.

“Come on,” she said, sliding out of her seat, “Let’s dance.”

Jayne didn’t want to… but at the same time, he did. Somethin’’bout being out there with the girl was more plain intoxicatin’ then any stuff found at the bar. Which is why he knew he shouldn’t do it and just why he did.

They danced and danced some more. It was a blur of excitement and Jayne was pretty certain he had done and said things he shouldn’t, but River gave him as good as she got and by nights end, he was callin’ her ‘his little tease’.

When the night was near over, all of a sudden, the lights dimmed. Jayne wondered if that was how they did last call, on this planet. Odd way, he thought, but he had seen odder. Still, the flashin’and chaos was now gone and all went quiet in a whoosh. Suddenly, a slow song come on.

Jayne glanced up at the ceiling, in wonder, and shifted in discomfort. After a full night of near poundin’ they got this? Jayne went to retreat, but that was before River grabbed his hands.

“Stay,” she said.

And he did. With his heart racin’ more then it had all night, he stared and moved with the girl. It was gentle and soft and he liked it. Made him feel funny, made him feel like he was gonna break. Lookin’ at her, he bit his lip, knowin‘ this was wrong. He knew that he had found somethin’ and that somethin’, wasn't meant to be brought out into the light.

As River placed her head against his chest, he thought it was a good thing, then, that they were dancin’ in the dark.
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Lauraprlrocks on September 17th, 2009 09:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks. :D

I'm still learning to write for this pairing. I'm starting to get comfortable writing Jayne. River is hard though!! I'm not nearly clever enough for her.