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13 September 2009 @ 01:47 pm
Firefly Fic: But Sometimes Somethings Are As Plain As Day  
Title: But Sometimes, Somethings Are As Plain As Day
Series: The Drinkin' Series
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1170
Beta: ru_salki99, who has been beyond wonderful doing this for me.
Disclaimer: Joss owns all
Summary: Third part in the Drinkin' Series; Jayne and River get stranded over right and share more then a drink; Written for willow_reece for the whedonland fic-fest

It had been nearly three years since River ended up in jail over havin’ a drink on the wrong planet and it had been one year, since River and Jayne had become drinkin’ companions. During that time, things had changed.

New experiences had turned into tradition and tradition now had it that whenever they touched landside for a while, the bunch of them would go off for drinks. Him and River always shared a bottle or two of somethin’, usually whiskey, but sometimes it had been other spirits that had wet their lips. They’d talk or not, as the mood hit them, but the one solid thing between them was that they were always companions.

These days there was no denying that he wanted River and wanted her bad. The night at the club had made that certain. He wanted her, but knew he shouldn’t have her. Besides, she seemed fine with what they already had, a strange though somehow fiercely strong friendship. Jayne couldn’t say he had another like it in his life.

So when that night in the snowy town hit, Jayne was given one hell of a surprise.

The two had gone quick to town for some supplies. Serenity was due to take off that night, but Mal insisted and sent them off and they got what they needed no problem. Problem was that when they got in the mule, she wouldn’t start.

Ta shi suoyou diyu de biaozi de ma!” he growled, gettin’ out of the mule and kickin’ her. “No Kaylee round when you need her,” Jayne stared at the transport feelin’ near damn helpless. Fixin’ things had never been his somethin’ he took to. He looked at on the snowy horizon. The ship was no where in sight, “Can we walk it?” They’d have to leave the supplies behind and chance losin’ them, but least the crew wouldn’t think they up and got killed.

“No,” River calmly said, climbing out off the broken piece of crap as well, “We should rent a room for the night and bring as much with us as possible.”

“Fine, but Mal’s payin’ me back. Ain’t my fault this sch broke down,” He glared at it again, like he was tellin’ it off.

River grabbed his arm and started guidin’ him towards the local inn. Jayne smiled at how sensible she was bein’ when all he wanted to do was stand there and do some more complain’.

“We’ll share a room to save money,” she told him.

Jayne gapped, but consented with the nod of his head. He was a grown man and against the opinion of some of his crew, could control himself. If he wanted to. He had spent many nights alone with River ‘board Serenity and out on the town drunk. Another wouldn’t hurt.

They got a smallish cozy room with big old windows looking at on the cold outside, a fireplace that was already roarin’… and one bed. Jayne near felt that someone was laughin’ at him, in that moment.

He sat in a worn out chair, kicked off his boots and glanced out the window. He figured this would do for the night. It was warm and comfy, even if everythin’, in the place, had seen better days.

“Bed is yours,” he told her.

River sat down on the floor in front of him. She ran her hands over the colorful cloth passin’ as a rug she was sittin’ on and gazed around the room, like she was in some fancy palace. Then with a content sigh and took her own boots off. They sat there a moment, listenin’ to the fire, before she leaned over and reached towards their stuff. Goin’ into one of the bags, she grabbed a bottle. It was the wine that had been on Simon’s list.

Opening it, she leaned her head back and took a swig.

“Your brother is goin’ kill ya. Not only for drinkin’ it, but drinkin’ it like that.

Glancing up at him, she got up and fetched two glasses.

“As tempted I am to annoy ge ge, though he does not know it, I think we would prefer us indulging out of these.”

She looked at the glasses with a frown. Weren’t as clean as she would have them, it seemed, since she picked up a piece of her clothin’ and wiped the insides out. She then placed them down and poured some wine into them. Handin’ him one, she said with a smile, “There.”

Jayne took a sip and tilted his head in agreement. Given that it was somethin’ the Doc drank, it wasn’t half bad. In fact, it would do fine and well.

They sat there, sippin’ at their drinks, all quiet like. When they finished, River grabbed his glass and poured them another. Popping up on her knees she handed him the glass back. Stead of sittin’ back down though, she started runnin’ her hands over his legs.

“Whatcha doin?” he asked in confused surprise.

“What do you think I’m doing?” Leavin’ no doubt, she slid her hand up his inner thigh, till it grazed against his crotch.

He grabbed her hands and looked he in the eyes, searchin’.

“I’m not drunk, Jayne. You know me drunk and this isn’t it.”

“What’s this then?” he demanded.

Her mouth twitched, holdin’ back a smile. “Oh, this is a River is wantin’ to get sexed thing,” She laughed.

Jayne sat there, not belivin’ her words.

“You alright?”

“Fine, fine… but not fine. River, girl,” he said, sadly, “You don’t want me like that trust me.”

“Why not?”

“You’re my age by half. That’s why. Besides, I’ve been around a few times and you ain’t even broken in.”

“But we both want this.”

“Wantin’ ain’t havin.”

She arched an eyebrow, “You can have me.”

Jayne scrunched his face up, not sure how what to say to that.

“Jayne, please.”

His heart ‘bout burst, “Ya sure?”

She nodded, “I’ve been waiting. I thought it would happen after the night at the club, but it didn’t.”

“You felt that too?”

“Been feeling it longer,” When he didn’t say anything, she added another, “Please?”

“Alright. Alright, don’t get your knickers in a twist.”

They both laughed, gazin at the other and smilin’. River pressed herself against him and he wrapped his arms around her. It felt right.

Leanin’ in, he kissed her softly. Very right.

Once ‘gain, tonight was goin’ to change everything, but with River he found, that was always okay.


Ta shi suoyou diyu de biaozi de ma!- Whores in Hell
Sch- shit
ge ge- Older Brother

Notes: Why yes, I am evil. Sorry guys, but I’m under a time limit and if I went into the smut scene, I’d never finish it in time. If there is interest though, I’ll might go back later and add it in. Don’t know. Also, I do want to do one more part to this. In fact, it’s first on my list, once I have time.

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柳树: FIREFLY/SERENITY - RAYNE [LIGHTS]willow_reece on September 14th, 2009 04:24 am (UTC)
OoOoOo what a lovely follow up to the other two pieces. And snow! I love snow and I love this fic. A smutty followup would be neat. And I don't think your evil, I like where you ended this one--yes I know about time restraints. I was so happy I managed to finish all three of my claims and get them posted on time. =P

All in all I like the entire series so far, it's just so adorable and cute. ♥
yours truly: firefly: rayneonebrightmoment on September 14th, 2009 02:52 pm (UTC)
woohoo! 'stranded' is one of my fav fanfic plots. awesome. that they're not drunk when they decide to go further, even better
jellie_rayneluv: River and Jaynejellie_rayneluv on September 15th, 2009 10:14 pm (UTC)
That was a great addition. I like the friendship that has formed between Jayne and River, rather than a "Wham Bam, Thank you Ma'am" ... not that there's anything wrong with that. ;)

There has been a very nice progression in the relationship that is very realistic and sweet too.

Another chapter would be great, smut or not.
Pia: rayne-filmishidyllictorture on September 20th, 2009 08:10 am (UTC)
I really liked this little series. I actually forgot it was a challenge fic.

I liked the ending, but I wouldn't mind you continuing it. :D